< Competition - Desert Resort

Location - Brooq Peninsula, Qatar

A floating paridaiza only arrived at via a traditional dhouro where the ancient rhythms of water infiltrate the public and private edges of this walled paradise garden akin to 13th century Venice. Within is a floating macro world of terra firma replete with multi-sensory flora and fauna explicitly woven with the healing traditions of pan-Islam connecting the body, mind and soul to the boundless paradise of our earth and sky. The pixilated surface of this expansive walled garden is a multivalent mashrabiya fashioned into an aviary for exotic birds revealing flickering glimpses of color and song where the private guest rooms become their own personal SPA engaging both the paradise garden within and the salt-laden waters of the Persian Gulf beyond. The plan and section entire is a spatial abstraction of the Kufic language as written and spoken in mass and void, which is differentially shortened and / or elongated to indicate emphasis.


in association with Marwan Al-Sayed Architects