< Resort/Spa - UNESCO Destination Hotel

Location - Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Our Hotel for Saudi Arabia’s 1st UNESCO World Heritage Site, the MADA’IN SALEH or Hegra, south of Petra intends to recede as an anonymous base for an isolated group of smaller stones within the south edge of the more prominent Jabal Ithlib (Mountain of Standing Stones) – quiet, humble and unknown to roads approaching this ancient Nabatean City and from any direction on foot, on camelback, or by carriage – no glass, no reflections. Culturally privacy is achieved with telescopic courtyards, which are all oriented toward the west Ithlib ridge, framing a solitary and ever-changing Arabian Deserta experience. At the heart of the stone basecamp we find a Rock Garden and emanating from this public town square are stepped plazas, an expansive stepped tabula rasa replete with a corniche and self-shaded streets or Siq’s; which lead to citrus courts, water channels, deep wells and your own private camp or traditional estraha.

with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Cultural Heritage