< Restaurant - SOI 4 Restaurant

Location - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

SOI 4 Scottsdale is the dialectic between “fully Bangkok” and “precisely Scottsdale”, a creative resolution to the traditional challenge of Arizona shopping centers – being removed from the street. “Soi” translates to “small side street”; which form the essential food lifelines that make up the modern city fabric of Bangkok. The restaurant interior is experienced as a series of linear streets that accommodate multiple options for meeting, drinking and dining. The volume of the space was freed to align these streets east-west, drawing patrons from the shopping center parking lot and reintroducing them back onto the street. A masonry firewall was exposed to contribute rawness to the one edge of the space that aligned with an existing pedestrian promenade and Scottsdale Road. This becomes the new street entry. A linear mezzanine structure that integrates supply air plenum, light fixture and acoustic attenuation as a vibe element glows ‘SOI 4 orange’ in the space. Authentic artwork and abstractions of iconic landscapes, such as the turquoise waters of Phuket and the skyline of Bangkok, connect the inside – outside streets, while the warm-glowing African mahogany lantern acts as the main circulatory transition between the upper-level private dining street and the main-level dining streets.